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The Fricker Plumbing company has been around for more then 35 years, with Bill Fricker building the business from the ground up in 1979. Originally based in Perth, Western Australia, Bill has based his company on good service, innovative solutions and outstanding knowledge, ensuring his work is fast and affordable. This passion and drive has encouraged his son, Rhys Fricker, to follow in his Fathers footsteps and continue to deliver quality service to all customers.



Bill Fricker 

Plumbing Licence No:  379A

Gas work Licence No:  368 (unrestricted)

Back Flow Licence No: 211

Blue Safety Card 

Coles Safety Card

HR Drivers Licence 

Police Clearance

Rhys Fricker

Plumbing Licence No:  PL10444

Gas work Licence No:  GF010705 Class G

White Safety Card No: 896892

Coles Safety card

Police Clearance



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